I traveled from the land of Butter Chicken to the land of Burgers to satisfy my hunger for learning more about design. Before pursuing my education in design, I was a computer science aspirant and thought that was the best way to create. Soon I realized that I needed something more. My head was full of questions and logical analysis for every problem but I had no idea how to form a solution. 

Hence, I decided to come to the United States to study Interaction Design. It was unclear to me what Interaction Design even meant. After a lot of semesters and projects, I have learned to call it a way of solving problems where the human is never left out. I desire to continue to learn more about how to design for us. Yes, my life just doesn’t revolve around design, okay? In my free time, I learn about music production. There is something about music that keeps me in a constant state of thought and helps me get to know myself better. 

Oh and Marvel is better than DC. There, I said it.

Some Accolades

Google Creative Campus'20 - Scholar & Winner
Best Case Study - Arter
Adobe Design Achievement Awards 2018
Adobe Design Achievement Awards 2017

A Look Into My Mind

A playlist I curated to help everyone know about me in a way better than even I can describe myself